ATASAGON, a worldclass detox & wellbeing center in the heart of Transylvania

It’s always a breath of fresh air to find people who are passionate about their work and about their life. I was super happy to discover a new and one-of-a-kind high-end wellbeing place in the city where I was born. As far as I am concerned, after living in New York for over 15 years, and traveling around the world, growing up in Brasov, Romania was the healthiest place where I could have grown up.  So, it’s great to hear that other people are also inspired by this place.

Founded by Muhammet Gurkan, a Turkish entrepreneur with impressive wellness and hospitality experience, and his wife, dr. Alina Spinean, a Brasov-born doctor specialized in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic disorders, Atasagon is considered the first detox center in Romania which aims at a general lifestyle improvement and prevention. It is so much more than a detox center, it is a complex lifestyle concept, whose motto is “making health your habit”. Atasagon is an archaic term for “healer with the help of natural elements, especially plants.”

It also (perhaps surprisingly) made sense on a business level. The two founders met in a Turkish detox center in Bodrum, where dr. Spinean was visiting and where, according to Muhammet Gurkan, about a quarter of the guests were Romanian. He married dr. Spinean, relocated to Brasov, and together they opened Atasagon. A few key staff members, like Mustafa, the juice master, who prepares the juices, soups and salads for the detox programs, and Mesut, the head therapist, who has trained in massage techniques and has worked with names like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, have been brought from similar centers in Turkey, to ensure impeccable service.

The center enjoyed immediate support from Romanian well-known celebrities, public figures, and health & beauty media personalities, some of whom became its brand ambassadors. Muhammet says Atasagon’s clients come from all over Romania, Europe and the rest of the world, and he hopes that Brasov will soon have its own airport, so that clients can also fly into the city, which would make the center much more accessible.

The Atasagon detox concept is centered around the belief that illnesses start from the accumulation of toxins, negative emotions, stress and imbalance in energetic consumption, which creates obstacles when it comes to the normal functioning of our bodies and their abilities to self-heal. The interruption of the digestion for a day, three or a week removes these obstacles and redirects the energy spent during digestion towards the emotional and spiritual plane. The moment the body stops getting new toxins, the ones that already exist will be eliminated. The detox was designed to be a restart, a tool which anyone can use to rebuild, rebalance and heal.

Atasagon offers three detox programs: Master Detox, Green Juice and Raw Food. The first two are based on a liquid diet which includes juices and shakes, vegetable soups, alkaline water and probiotics, while the last program also includes solid food like nuts, fruits, vegetables and salads. The minimum number of days recommended is 5 days, the optimum number is 7. There is a pre and post detox regime and it is essential not to eat during the detox program, during the hours spent outside Atasagon. The first step is a meeting with a doctor, who will evaluate the patient’s needs, goals and motivation and will recommend a set of blood tests (which can be done in the center), detox treatment and therapies. The Master Detox program is the most complex and popular, it includes a daily Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy. All 3 detox programs include a schedule filled with healthy activities, like nature walks in the area (which boasts the healthiest air in Romania), meditation, Qigong, yoga, Pilates, circuit training, dance therapy, as well as access to steam bath, an amazing Turkish bath, infrared and chromotherapy sauna.

The juices, made of fresh fruits and vegetables and served at regular intervals together with probiotics and spirulina, are the key element in every program, as they offer the necessary nutrients for the hepatic detoxification. They provide all the nutrients your body needs and you will not be hungry, although you will not have solid food. By abstaining from solid food, you will let your body relax and naturally clean your intestines, your blood, and your lymphatic system. Hydration is also essential in all the detox programs, because you need to drink a lot of water (alkaline at Ph 9.5) in order to intensify the detoxification process by generating an increase in the level of toxins eliminated through the kidneys. Teas, vegetable soup and electrolyte drinks offered here also help with the hydration process. The Raw Food detox program is recommended to those who want to eliminate extra fat and alleviate the digestive system.

While following the detox treatments, the clients can also opt for a multitude of adjacent therapies designed to help the mind and the body.

Atasagon offers an impressive variety of massage therapies. In aromatherapy, oils prepared from Mediterranean plants with different therapeutic characteristics are applied, after which the muscles and joints are massaged for a deep relaxation. Plant oils have antiseptic and antiviral effects according to the plant family they are extracted from. They have pain-alleviating and muscle-relaxing effects, detoxification effects, breath-improving effects, they balance the nervous system, they are antidepressive, they stimulate memory, and they rejuvenate cells. They also have therapeutic and complementary effects for healing diseases and specific disorders. Balinese traditional massage balances the energetic centers of the body and integrates all the internal systems, while Chi Nei Tsang is recommended for digestive problems, it helps the activity and detoxification of the intestine, reflexology helps eliminate energetic blockages and restores natural balance, Shiatsu activates self-healing abilities, eliminates muscle tension and stress, helps alleviate head and back aches, regulates blood flow, balances the functions of the internal organs and it balances sleep routine, which relaxes the mind, Thai massage is also called “passive yoga” and it is based on the principles of peace, calm, awareness, spiritual purification and relaxation, offering a strong sensation of peacefulness, freshness and body renewal, while in Hot Volcanic Rock massage, the heat from the hot rocks penetrates deeply into the body and helps blood and lymph flow raising the metabolic rate, contributing to detoxification, breath acceleration, as well as boosting tissue flexibility and immunity system stimulation.

Ozone injection reduces insomnia, helps memory, reduces the fat, increases muscle, balances sugar and cholesterol levels, strengthens bones and the immunity, supports skin cleansing and increases its elasticity.  Plasmolifting is also a revitalizing injectable procedure which allows the beginning of the natural skin rejuvenating process. The base of the procedure is a certified method of processing blood, in which the patients’ blood is processed with the help of a set of biotechnological vacuum tubes and a special centrifugation method. The patients’ blood is thus separated into an injectable plasma form, rich in thrombocytes, which is later injected into the patients’ tissues. The body’s own platelet – rich plasma contains a high concentration of growth factors, enzymes, proteins, and vitamins in a natural combination. Platelet – rich plasma injected into the skin of the patients normalizes tissue respiration, the hydric equilibrium, and it determines the production of new cells while collagen, elastin, and the intercellular substance are synthetized. Other facial treatments include Brilliant, a diamond micro-dermabrasion which does not imply the risk of small particles getting into the nose, eyes, or ears, a non-invasive, pain-free therapy which regenerates tissues and cells, clears complexion, restores luminosity, reduces fine wrinkles and superficial scars, accelerates the production of collagen and elastin. Oxy Plus comprises four high-performance therapies (hyperbaric oxygen, biostimulation, virtual mezotherapy and vacuum), all in one equipment, which gives luminosity and brightness, erases wrinkles, gives a smooth and soft texture, and restores vitality and firmness. The slimming therapies (pressosymphony, slim max, radiofrequency) are based on acoustic waves, which generate high levels of energy and create a cavitational effect at the level of fat cells; cavitation is well known for its remarkable effects in body reshaping, it improves blood flow, reduces water retention, eliminates cellulite, also being known as virtual liposuction.

Atasagon plans to have its own hotel (as well as diabetes center) in the future, but for now clients can stay overnight in one of the local hotel partners (because the daily detox schedule is from 8am to 8pm). You can find more information on the official site, , and make a reservation at 0040368407070 or via email, at .

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