Enchanting model Florentina Frumosu talks about her international career, and hopes for the future, in a Rumours Magazine interview

International fashion model Florentina Frumosu opens up to me about her successful, but peripatetic modeling career, which began when she was only 16yo, and which took her all over Europe, and now to New York, which she calls home, and where she bravely shot in the scorching July heat for a majestic and breath-taking Rumours Magazine pictorial, styled and produced by me.

COWBOY CHIC FASHION EDITORIAL ON ELLE.ro: https://www.elle.ro/fashion/editorial-fashion-cowboy-chic-616444/

Stilul Wild Wild West modern se caracterizează prin combinații de pălării și accesorii autentice, și un mix de piese delicate și romantice, care alternează cu piele, denim și ținte. Însă cea mai importantă rămâne atitudinea! Photo: Ionuț Staicu, http://staicuphotography.ro, Instagram: @ionutstaicuphoto Stylist: Doris-Alina Sangeorzan, https://therealdoris.com, Instagram: @doris.sangeorzan Make-up: Carmen Dinca, Instagram: @electricaelectrica Model: Ami Florea (One Models), Instagram: @ami_florea…